ANMF Staff

Our entire team work collectively and collaboratively to support our branches, members and the community.

Federal Office Leadership

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  • Annie Butler

    Federal Secretary
  • Lori-Anne Sharp

    Federal Assistant Secretary
  • Sally-Anne Jones

    Federal President
  • James Lloyd

    Federal Vice-President

Industrial team

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  • Kristen Wischer

    Senior Federal Industrial Officer
  • Debbie Richards

    Federal Industrial Officer - Research
  • Daniel Crute

    Federal Industrial Officer - On extended leave
  • Laura Miller

    Federal Industrial Officer
  • Anna Amatangelo

    Administrative Officer - Industrial

Professional team

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  • Julianne Bryce

    Senior Federal Professional Officer
  • Julie Reeves

    Federal Professional Officer
  • Dr Jane Douglas

    Federal Professional Officer
  • Naomi Riley

    Federal Professional Officer - On extended leave
  • Elizabeth Reale

    Federal Professional Research Officer and Librarian
  • Anastasia Shianis

    Administrative Officer - Professional
  • Jasmine Kirk

    Federal Professional Officer


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  • Kathryn Anderson

    Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal (ANMJ) Editor
  • Robert Fedele

    Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal (ANMJ) Journalist
  • Natalie Dragon

    Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal (ANMJ) Journalist
  • Heidi Hosking

    National Business Development Manager
  • Cathy Fasciale

    Editorial & Production Assistant

Communications & Campaigns

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  • Sue Bellino

    Political Director
  • Nicole Foote-Lenoir

    Digital and Social Media Officer
  • Kristy Male

    Communications and Campaigns Assistant


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  • Jodie Davis

    Federal Education Officer
  • Rebecca Aveyard

    Technical Assistant

Finance and Executive Support

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  • Dorothy Abicic

    Finance Officer
  • Sotiria Stefanis

    Finance Officer
  • Kerrie-ann Fitzpatrick

    Executive Assistant


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  • Dr Micah Peters

    National Policy Research Adviser
  • Casey Marnie

    Research Assistant