ANF launches new national campaign

Sunday 19th August, 2012

The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) has launched a new national campaign to raise the awareness of the valuable contribution nurses and midwives make throughout the Australian health system.

ANF Federal Secretary Lee Thomas said the campaign - called “Australia’s Nurses and midwives. You couldn’t be in better hands” – showcases the amazing and invaluable work that nurses and midwives do, day in and day out across Australia.

“We have spent months meeting and consulting with nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing, as well as members of the wider community to find out their feelings about the health system in Australia, and how they felt health care should be improved,” Ms Thomas said.

Australia's Nurses and Midwives, You Couldn't Be in Better Hands

The campaign is partly in response to Australia’s national nursing shortage and it will promote positive images of nursing and midwifery that will in turn attract people to the nursing and midwifery professions.”

Ms Thomas said the new campaign features a two-minute cinema ad, showing real-life nurses and midwives filmed as they work at three different hospitals. In addition, there is a 60 second TV commercial airing this Sunday as well as a radio ad, which starts today. Other campaign material includes posters, leaflets, bumper stickers and a new campaign website.

“We want this positive campaign to focus on the significant contribution nurses and midwives make to the health system every day, and the trust the community have in them to deliver safe patient care whilst they are being treated and cared for,” she explained.

“We will be working with our ANF State branches, other stakeholders and importantly, the wider community to deliver the solutions we want so we can achieve better and safer healthcare for all Australians.

Neil Lawrence from Lawrence Creative oversaw production of the ads, with no actors, just the help of 22 nurses and midwives, and many generous members of the community who were happy to appear in the cinema and TV commercials whilst being treated and cared for by nurses and midwives.”

ANF now has 220,000 members nationally

Ms Thomas said the campaign coincides with new figures showing further growth in the ANF’s membership across the Australian health system – with membership now standing at 220,000.

“We have continued to experience unprecedented growth in ANF membership across a full-range of health settings, including private and public hospitals, aged care facilities, medical practices and community medical centres,” she said.

“We believe this continued growth is the result of the very successful campaigns the ANF has run both nationally and by our state and territory branches, working on behalf of all of our existing and new members.”

The ANF, with over 220,000 members, is the professional and industrial voice for nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing in Australia.

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