Australians have definitively said no more - we can do so much better.

Australia has just entered a new era of hope. At the 2022 federal election, possibly the most critical election our country has had for many years, Australians made perfectly clear the kind of country they want Australia to be.

After a decade of neglect and abandonment of the country’s most vulnerable, a complete disregard for science and evidence, and a total abdication of the responsibilities of government, Australians have definitively said no more - we can do so much better. In electing an Albanese Labor Government, supported by the Greens and progressive Independents, Australians have opted for decency and compassion, for equity and fairness. They have opted for a future that will see improvements for everyone, not just for those already at the top.

For nurses, midwives and care-workers, who have been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, a deepening aged care crisis and the devastating impacts of climate change being realised in bushfires, storms and floods across the country for too long, there is now hope. 

This is all credit to nurses, midwives and care-workers, who never gave up and kept fighting for change.

Your dedication and commitment have been instrumental in achieving this outcome. Your years of campaigning and advocacy not only convinced Labor, the Greens and Independents that they must take action but also persuaded the community to opt for a new government that will finally act to fix the aged care crisis, strengthen Medicare, increase gender equity and address climate change. 

We must recognise and celebrate this victory.

But as we do, our new work begins. In collaboration with all ANMF Branches, we now turn to the task of holding the new Labor government to all of their health and aged care commitments to guarantee real change.

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Annie Butler

Annie Butler Federal Secretary

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